Tools for measuring and analysing software performance.

Gin Agent

The Gin agent runs in-process in the JVM as a Java Agent in order to capture low-impact performance snapshots while your system is running.


Creative Commons License The Gin agent is free (as in beer) and released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-ND).

This means you are free to use and share the agent as you wish but that:

Installing the Java Agent

Just add the gin-agent-1.X.X.jar as a javaagent to the command line used to launch your JVM i.e. -javaagent:<path to gin-agent.jar>[=option1=value1[,optionN=valueN]]

Where the possible options are:



Runs the profiler with a sampling rate of 250 ms, creating a new profile every 30 minutes and batching 48 profiles into each archive.
Archives are saved to /tmp. The agent is run in quiet mode. The command interface is started, listening on port 12345. The agent will begin profiling immediately.

Command Interface

For long running applications it can be useful to manually start, stop and reconfigure the profiler without having to restart the entire java application. Therefore the Gin agent supports a command interface which can optionally be started by providing a port number for the command interface to listen on.

Once the command interface is started an interactive command interface session can be started by connecting to the command interface port with a telnet client. Once connected you will see a command prompt where you can issue commands to the Gin agent.


Supported commands are: